A GPS Camera for Lake District Walks

On another page we introduced outdoor gps navigation units. These are increasingly popular in the Lake District as a supplement to traditional maps. GPS can also, however, be of great help when built into a camera.

Why does a camera need GPS?

Given that for decades cameras didn’t have GPS I suppose the answer is, “It doesn’t”. However, if you’re anything like me, when you’re out on your Lake District walks you take a lot of photographs from a lot of different viewpoints. My current camera (Nikon D3000), which is getting a bit elderly now, records the date and time with each photo, but every so often I have to rack my memory with, “Where exactly was I when I took that one?” And this is where a GPS camera would be so helpful.

How do GPS cameras work?

Modern digital cameras in addition to storing the picture itself record other information such as the camera settings used, the date and the time in a “metadata” file. When a camera has GPS capability it also stores in that file the precise coordinates for the position from which the photo was taken. This is known as geotagging. The coordinates are picked up from signals received from three satellites continuously orbiting the earth. An automatic “triangulation” calculation pinpoints the location. When you transfer your photo files from a GPS camera to a computer you can use software on the computer to locate each photograph on a map.

What is the cheapest camera with GPS?

I’m not at all sure that this is the best question to ask. Cheapest can sometimes be a bad choice. However, on this site we search out value at low prices and suggest below two models of GPS camera that combine affordable pricing with very good customer reviews.

What is the best camera with GPS?

There’s no answer to this question as it depends on how you define “best”, but whereas above we looked at economy models here are two suggestions for cameras further up the price ranges, although without going into the esoteric realms of sophisticated cameras designed for professional photographers. The first is a further-up-the-range compact whereas the second is one of the very latest (November 2013) SLR models from Nikon.

Whether it’s a gift for a loved-one or an indulgence for yourself, with a GPS camera you need never again wonder, “Where was that?”

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