Lakeland History

The Lake District has a much more complex and varied history that is often appreciated by the visitor. Tourism, and admiration of landscape, are the big things today. But it was not always like that. The Lake District has a rich industrial history of mining, forestry and agriculture spreading back over many centuries. Its people lived hard lives but they survived, learning to extract a living from their often harsh landscape.

Firstly some general history.

Secondly some agricultural and mining history

And now, although not strictly books of history these next volumes do tell the story of the past through its buildings. Firstly the stories of twenty-one of the region’s important historic houses, and then R. W. Brunskill’s fascinating story of how the buildings of the Lake District developed over the centuries, and how indigenous building materials (themselves the products of local industry) were used to create styles of vernacular architecture that blend into the landscape.

And if you want to go back even further in time to pre-history, how about one of the following?